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The team of physiotherapists in FYZIOCARE s.r.o. provides physiotherapeutic care for people with whole-body pain (back, joints, muscles…). We also focus on the care of infants and children of all ages. We provide care based on the PT voucher issued by a physician or by direct payment.

We provide diagnostic and therapy of:

  • back pain (joint blockages, muscle spasms, vertebrogenic pain…)
  • muscle and joint impairments (myofascial syndrome, attachment pain, joint pain)
  • post-traumatic and post-operative conditions, prevention and correction of a poor posture in adults and children
  • psychomotor development of infants from 6 weeks of age


Mgr. Petr Zahradník, Ph.D.



Mgr. Barbora Růžičková



Mgr. Vendula Tenglová



Bc. Adéla Benešová



Bc. Antonín Mařík



Mgr. Ondřej Dinda


Bc. Michaela Kindlová


Hana Studničková


Bc. Vasya Mirgorod




We are focus on the examination and possible therapy of babies from 4.- 6. weeks of life. 

It is appropriate to check developmental milestones, such as the ability of the child to be stable in space and be able to rests on the forearm in a position on their belly at age of 3 months. During the 6th month, the baby should be able to turn from the back to the belly and lift their self on the outstretched arms. Around the 8th month, the baby should be able to gradually reach the position on all fours. It is very important for the child to be able to climb on all fours. After the 10th month, the baby should be able to hold up to the vertical position, first walk around furniture and then begin to walk independently. Umbilical hernia also is a quite common problem in children. The best treatment for this is targeted exercise at the earliest age, ideally from 4-6. weeks of the baby’s life.

Targeted physiotherapy and the right approach for children also very effectively removes various impairments in their development (non-ideal development in infancy, lack of exercise, excessive exertion, injuries, etc.). Equally important it is for sporting children to do compensatory exercises, which prevent overloading the young body (injuries, etc.). Suitable muscle function has a positive effect on the shape and the posture of the spine and also on the whole body. An appropriate active approach, based on individually assembled exercises, will help to better involve the muscles, joints and spine in order to minimize pain and possible injury in the future. Equally important in sporting children are compensatory exercises, which prevent overexertion the young body.



Targeted examination and subsequent therapy release contractions and blockages and also quickly help relieve pain by using special physiotherapeutic techniques. We work with clients to be able to return to normal life after having injuries or surgeries. 

The human body has an incredible ability of compensation and it is able to overcome high workloads for a long time. This also applies to the locomotor system. If you do not pay attention to the pressure for the body the issues can build up and it can have impact on the healing period. Based on our experiences, we always look for a long-term solution in therapy.


Active people and athletes

Exercise and sport sometimes have their pitfalls. Especially if they are performed earnestly or even professionally. It is relatively easy to overload a human body, which can lead to pain in the most stressed parts of the body. We also have experience with top athletes, which help us with effective and successful individual treatment for everyone who uses the body more often.

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How to find us:

By the tram to the stop štěpánská or I.I.P. Pavlova. By Metro B to the Karlovo Náměstí station (about 7 minutes walk), by Metro C to the station I.P. Pavlova (approx.5 min. far away). By car, parking is possible at the violet zones at the street Kateřinská, Žitná, Štěpánská, I.P. Pavlova náměstí, Karlovo náměstí or "on your own risk" at the blue zones at the streets: V Tůních, Hálkova, Na Rybníčku, Ve Smečkách (see map). You can pay via the parking machine or via the app parkujvklidu.cz.





Price list of services provided at Fyziocare s.r.o. not covered by public health insurance:

Complex physiotherapeutic treatment 1200 Kč
Consultation of the child’s psychomotor development 900 Kč
Surcharge for unpaid medical procedures for the PT voucher 300 Kč
Kinesiotape 100-200 Kč
If you fail to arrive at the booked appointment without apology (within 24 hours before the booked appointment), we have no obligations to rebook the appointment. In the case of repeated non-arrival without proper apology, we have the right to refuse further treatment.

Dear friends, parents and clients,

our care in Fyziocare is not interrupted. Due to the current Covid-19 situation, we provide care in an increased hygienic mode (masks, disinfection, ...).

In order to continue to take care of you at a time that brings more tension than usual, we would like to ask you to be considerate and follow our rules when visiting in person:

• Enter the Fyziocare area only with a protective mask covering the mouth and nose
• After entering, disinfect hands with prepared disinfectant
• Arrive exactly at the appointed time and leave immediately after your therapy
• Reschedule your visit if you have signs of an infectious disease (running nose, cough, shortness of breath, fever, muscle and joint pain) or if you have been in contact with a Covid-19 positive person or are in quarantine

We believe that we can handle the current "Test" in health responsibly, and therefore we wish everyone peace of mind, soul and body.

Your faithfully,
team Fyziocare physiotherapy